Eagle Messaging

An interactive, comprehensive communication service that allows others to listen to pre-recorded conference calls, lectures, announcements, updates, speeches, and more

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Eagle Messaging is a great, easy to use, powerful communications service for those who require a comprehensive communications service which is specifically designed for those in finance, accounting, economics, multilevel marketing (MLM), direct sales, and trade show associations. Similarly Eagle Messaging can be used to host your IVR menu for your large or small business. This service is also very valuable and useful for professors, religious leaders, and politicians. Use it as an interactive voice response system for your small business, a conference call playback system, or even simply as your voicemail. Eagle Messaging provides you with a complete, robust, and elegant voice platform.

All New Separate Mass Announcement Service!

Eagle is proud to announce a great new service for those schools and businesses which need to make announcements to a large number of people. Eagle Mass Announcement Service will allow your organization to post emergency announcements to an existing phone number. This service allows for high-volume, emergency announcements to be heard for hundreds of parents, employees, and staff. Advertise your selected number to post school closings, delayed openings, holiday breaks, open house, parent-teacher night, and other announcements. All that parents, employees, and staff have to do is dial your designated number, listen, and be informed. Sign up for this easy to use, easy to manage service for just $20 per month.