Applications and Uses

  • We accept your voice mails and let you listen to them via your account or email
  • Display call details such as caller ID, time, date, etc.
  • Can be accessed on your iPhone or smartphone, and home phone
  • messages sent to you in .wav format so you can save to your computer or phone
  • Set your cellphone, home phone, or work phone to the Eagle Messaging number so that you can collect all of your voice mails at a single unified location
  • We offer a one-minute greeting service for FREE!

  • Upload a company directory greeting that allows callers to reach the department they need quickly and easily
  • For example: “Welcome to Your Company. Please press 1 to hear our CEO’s speech, press 2 to connect to our NY sales department, press 3 to connect with our Chicago sales department, press 4 to connect to our LA sales department, or press 5 to leave a message”.
  • All this can be programmed with the easy interface

  • Eagle messaging let’s you upload your recorded conference calls so that parties who may have missed the call may replay it
  • Eagle provides up to 120 minutes of message length
  • Have the option to have your listeners leave a message or select an option so they can only hear the recording
  • It’s simple and easy to use, and we do not charge on a per-minute fee like typical conference call providers!
  • and we offer 212 area code!

  • WIth Eagle, simply post your dedicated number as the school’s emergency contact number and post your emergency information regarding school or office cancelations. Parents and employees can hear your message without a hassle.

  • Pastors, Rabbis, Priests, and other religious leaders can record their daily devotional sermon over the phone!
  • Anyone who wishes to hear the sermons can call the designated number to listen
  • Professors can record and post their lectures so that students have the option of replaying the lecture or listen to what they missed

  • Record a small sizzle announcement to entice callers to listen or join in on your conference calls.
  • receive voice mails
  • Create a menu tree to direct your down liners, marketing representatives, or salespeople to the right extension
  • View callers and your messages via your account- use their contact information to further your business productivity
  • Forward voice mails to your emails
  • Build your contact database and export it to an Excel spreadsheet

EagleMessaging can also be used for:

School updates, educational seminars, FSBO, sample music recordings, Ebay product information, political candidate speeches, students to maintain a permanent number, etc.,. There are endless possibilities…

Sign up for Eagle Messaging today! Our System is designed with you in mind.