Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about our services. If you have a question that’s not addressed, please feel free to contact us at any time.


We have been providing our voice mail services at these rates for many years. Due to our large volume of customer base, we have the economy of scale.

Chances are that most Phone companies may not allow 2 hour long greetings or IVR menu, If they do, you may use their service.

Your wireless carrier may not allow multiple calls at a time, IVR menu or 2 hour greetings. We offer you a lot more than anyone out there at the price provided.


Click on the tab “Upload/Download Greeting Message”, click on browse and choose the path of the directory and file in your hard drive and select the same to upload. Remember it must be in .wav file format.

Most phone company voice mails systems do not allow customers to record long greetings. Generally they allow 1 minute greeting and limited number of messages.

Main difference between the two accounts is the greeting length. Our 5 minutes $25 package allows you to record 5 minutes length of greeting. For $120 per annum package we offer you to record up to 120 minutes of greetings. This lengthy greeting time is good when you need to upload a pre-recorded conference call which may be up to 2 hours.

There is no limit on how many messages you can receive. Due to our unique nature of sending you all of your voice mails as email there is no limit.

Yes, it is true. You can get as many calls as you wish and we do not limit number of calls for paid accounts.

For a paid account we do not limit number of lines per number or per customer. All our lines are open for users on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Yes, we offer 212/646/718/347 numbers depending on what is available when you sign up.

You can get an 800/866 toll free number from your long distance carrier such as AT&T or Verizon or Sprint and point it to your assigned Eaglemessaging voicemail number.

Yes, we offer 212/646/718/347 numbers depending on what is available when you sign up.

You can get an 800/866 toll free number from your long distance carrier such as AT&T or Verizon or Sprint and point it to your assigned Eaglemessaging voicemail number.

No, our numbers are not portable. We are not a phone company. We are only an information/messaging provider.

No, we cannot accept your number.

IVR is a general term used for touch tone control. You have the option of creating Press 1 for sales, 2 for support etc.

If you have no access to a computer you can manage the Voicemail account right from your phone. You can record, hear messages, etc.

Send your feature requests to support@eaglemessaging.com


From the user portal simply turn off voicemail to email option.

Yes, you may change your email ID any time.

Yes, you can create as many accounts as you prefer. We require that each account have a unique email ID.

At the present time, we do not allow upgrades to the account. You need to open another account.


Yes, just log into the system and go to the last option to create menu tree and follow directions.

Yes, you can receive all of your voice mails as emails similar to visual mail of wireless carriers and see who called you before you play the voice file.

Yes, you can get a list of numbers of all callers who do not block their caller ID from our call statistics menu after you log in to the account.

Yes, you can upload a ‘.wav’ file directly from your computer to the system.

Yes, you can publish this number on all your school brochures as emergency information line. When there is an announcement you can call the system from any phone and record an announcement. This is great if your school has limited phone lines and do wish to tie them down with informational calls. Also, this is convenient since you can change recording from any phone.

Yes, we do not restrict you from publishing or announcing this number in any media.

Yes, on 120 minute account, you may record a sermon as long as 2 hours on the main greeting file. If you wish not to accept any voice mails simply make your mail box as play only from the user profile after you log into the system.

Yes, you can use our number for your product announcements.

Yes you can print our numbers anywhere.

Yes, we allow for both personal and commercial use.

Yes, you may forward all of your calls to the service.

No, we do not allow Eagle messaging calls to be forwarded to another number

Yes you may.

Yes, instead of giving out your home/cell number you can use Eagle Messaging number. You get all your voice mails as emails, you can archive them on your computer. You also get CallerID of your callers which is displays on call stats.


We bill you annually $25 which calculates to $2.08 per month.

No, we do not charge for storage.

No, we do not charge for IVR, it is included.

Service is non-cancellable during the contract period, which is 1 year. You do not get your money back on unused months.

The system will automatically notify you when it charges you for additional year renewal fee. You can cancel the service by logging into the portal.


For Free accounts, there can be no more than 3 simultaneous callers at a time. The fourth caller may get a busy signal or a message stating that your free account has a limit of 3 simultaneous users or a marketing message from us. For all Paid accounts you will have access to the full system wide lines on general availability.

Currently we do not allow upgrade between the account types.

1 minute greeting time for each selection for free accounts. For paid accounts, you could have recording length of up to 120 minutes.