• Simple and user friendly!
  • Voicemail
  • 212 Area Codes
  • 120 minute or 5 minute packages
  • 1 minute greeting free!
  • We offer a one-minute greeting service for FREE!
  • Upload prerecorded conference calls and save money on your conference call bills!
  • Upload lectures, sermons, announcements, emergency news, sample music and more!
  • Download phone numbers to develop a contact list
  • Send voice mail to your email
  • Annual sign up and low subscription fees
  • Never pay per minute!
  • Promote your number anytime and anywhere
  • Access over 200 lines
  • MLMers can play messages for their down-liners
  • Manage everything on your online profile
  • Upload files directly from your PC or MAC or directly record on the phone
  • upload/download image

  • User defined IVR menu with multi-level recording options
  • IVR Menu Image


NOTE: Free accounts shall have access to only 3 simultaneous calls at a time. If 4th call comes in they get a busy signal. Paid accounts enjoy full benefits.


No upgrades between the accounts. You must create a new account at every stage.