Eagle messaging is designed to put you in control of your marketing and your campaigns and provide best customer experience through SMS/text.

Every company needs to make their customers feel special – because each client is important and unique in their needs.

Eagle SMS/text messaging is designed to make sure that your customers have a positive experience when they are communicating with you.

You can customize messaging base on your campaign and mass announcement that you need to dissaminate information to a mass scale without any individual interference. Your customer service or marketing specialist can receive and send SMS/text messages to your clients without putting any one on hold. You can have one customer service individual respond to multiple calls. Most importantly, using Eagle messaging proves to your customers that you understand their communication preferences, and you are using a medium that they are familiar with, instead of regular old telephone call. When you use Eagle messaging your customers will appreciate your company and respond to you immediately.

Keep your clients and prospects content by using business text messaging service.

Eagle business texting service maximizes your “digital dexterity.” It’s easy to field high volumes of inbound texts. Eagle business texting includes the features your business needs to message intelligently, know your customers, and increase productivity.

We have built our SMS/text service to support multiple customer service reps, accept thousands of messages from mobile callers and handle them efficiently. Eagle SMS/text is a cloud-based service.

Customer Greetings

Record personalized audio messages that greet your callers with information relevant to their call, before responding or connecting them to a messaging agent.

Reactive Chat

Opens a window for customer communication when a customer requests it. Multiple people can use the Reactive Chat feature at the same time.

SMS via E-mail

Eagle allows you to receive SMS messages via E-mail. You can publish phone number/s on your websites or marketing materials. When customer/s sends SMS/Text it will appear in your inbox, you can simply reply to the email and it shall be delivered as a SMS/Text to your customers mobile phone.


Hourly, daily, monthly and DNIS reports that give you the insight to manage marketing campaigns and the customer experience more intelligently.

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