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Our Features

Voice and text messaging service customer greetings
Customer Greetings

Record personalized audio messages that greet your callers with information relevant to their call, before responding or connecting them to a messaging agent.

Enterprise messaging system reactive chat
Reactive Chat

Opens a window for customer communication when a customer requests it. Multiple people can use the Reactive Chat feature at the same time.

Enterprise Messaging System Reports

Hourly, daily, monthly and DNIS reports that give you the insight to manage marketing campaigns and the customer experience more intelligently.

Why choose Eagle Messaging

Businesses select Eagle Messaging for reliability, efficiency and quality of our services. Our State of the art technology together with our superior technical and customer service support give businesses all they need to run a professional broadcasting with built in SMS/Texting. Our services include Text, SMS, Custom Greeting of max. 60 minute, Reactive Chat, SMS Via Email, Reports and Analytics. Eagle Messaging is the only company that offers SMS/text with voice message and a Gold Phone Number associate with your account. This special and unique service will situate your company on ahead of your competition. Save time and money and conduct your business without costly hardware, software and maintenance fees.

why choose voice and text messaging service for business
Eagle Messaging online SMS service Overview


Eagle Messaging was created for the sole purpose of providing enterprise level messaging solutions to SME market. We not only provide voice announcements on a large scale but also allow clients to receive and send SMS messages over the same number. The company with it’s team have over a century of combined experience in developing voice enabled services which was the core component of developing such a platform that enables many features in that realm, for info refer our our features page.

Who Can Use Our Services

Use voice and text messaging service for MLM networking industry
MLM & Networking

MLM and networking companies can record greeting up to one hour and can pre-record conference calls or motivational message from their down-line and up-line and allow callers to communicate via sms to the same number while being able to provide support to their customer base.

Use voice and text messaging service for corporate client service
Corporate Clients

Corporate clients can record their conference and replay to their sales and support staff. You can use this product for educational conferencing, product releases, stock analysis and any other needs that a company may have to announce or distribute to their employees or clientele.

Use voice and text messaging service for restaurants

Restaurants can take delivery texts or sms from customers or use our sms enabled numbers in their marketing efforts to generate sales and measure the impact.

Use voice and text messaging service for content to broadcast
Content to Broadcast

Any company who has content to broadcast, they can record and play it back to their callers by replaying pre-recorded voice upto an hour long.

Use voice and text messaging service for business marketing

Now, imagine that your marketing message is played loud and clear while you have the ability to communicate with your callers over texting or sms from your e-mail or from your device. It’s that simple.

Use voice and text messaging service for religious organizations
Religious Organizations

Religious organizations can record their sermon and play it back to the callers.

What customers say?

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