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About Us

One of the best online SMS service provider
Eagle Messaging, LLC. has been in the business for more than two decades serving our customers with a passion. Our customers have been familiar with AudioPodium and Eagle Voicemail for many years. As the interaction with customers happen in the new millennia through their phones, and text is their preferred form of communication, we decided to change our product and focus accordingly. Eagle Messaging now offers SMS/text messaging to help companies effectively communicate with their customers with a language that they are familiar with. Our many decades of experience in telecom and software development helped to enrich the features and tools for personalized interaction with your customers and do mass announcements. Your customers are never on hold, never frustrated, and they experience the satisfaction of their communication on their own terms, through SMS/text. It’s time to get into SMS/text and change the way of your interaction with your customers. We are based in Wilmington DE. E-mail us at: [email protected]
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