Text Messaging Platform for Disaster

No one has any control over nature. When nature strikes it leaves no one and nothing unharmed. Severe weathers such as hail, windstorms, hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters always strike when they are least expected. Even though these natural disasters can never be stopped completely, we can help control by being prepared. We can announce to all people so they are aware of what is coming and be prepared for it. These are the crucial times when health aids and health specialists are in most demand. But it’s not only health specialists that are important in the time of need but all people who can lend a helping hand.

Natural calamities bring not only damage to human life but losses to dwellings, businesses and the economy of the given town or state. To provide help in such dire situations it’s important that not only you reaching your pupil, but also people to reach out to you. One of the easiest ways of communicating with people before these natural disasters hit us is through texting, SMS, Chat and mass announcements to callers. If you run an NGO or any form of help and support group, we can show you how you can increase the effectiveness of the support being provided using messaging services.

Texting, SMS, (Short Messaging Services), chat and bulk announcements are the best way to spreading awareness and information that the probability of any severe weather occurrence is in accordance and can strike at any time in future so that people can be well aware in advance and take all precautions in due time.

During these crucial times people get terrified and extremely anxious, a human intervention can make all the difference. To know that there is someone on the other end who is with you and trying to help you in any way they can. Chat operators can be life saviors and build their confidence that everything will soon be back to normal.

And even when everything is gets back to normal without any danger in sight, it’s important to make people about these calamities. Send out messages to the people who have trusted you with their security and safety providing them with tips and information on how to keep themselves safe during those times.

Eagle texting was created with those ideas in mind. Eagle Messaging provides you with a unique number for dissemination of your information that you can spread among your staff and your clients where people can contact you at any time from anywhere and listen to your announcement and guidance.

With Eagle Messaging platform you can upload a greeting upto 60 minutes or record right on our system and play it when people call your unique designated number. You can record or upload your greeting and all the relevant information. You can do this as many times as you need and change your greetings and information hourly, daily, monthly or yearly. With the mass announcement you can also send out text to all people who already signed up with you to keep them upto date with crucial information.

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How mobile messaging can help grow the memberships of faith based institutions!

SMS solutions for faith based institutions

Technology is constantly improving and changing the world. Each year dozens of new technologies and products are invented and implemented that change the way we live and communicate on daily basis. Those technologically advanced developments are not just evolutionizing but revolutionizing and drastically changing the society we live in. Religions prove no exception as it has grown to adapting with these changes.

Religious institutes understand the importance and impact that technology has on society. New technology often inspires entirely new processes that would not be possible without technology. Religious institutions have been using various technological tools to their advantage. These faith-based institutions have emerged as the ideal example by creating a perfect blend of tradition mixed in the essence of innovation. They understand that new technology changes the entire system, different industries, or even the government. Technology has developed a whole new platforms, cultural and/or society shifts. Whether it be churches, temples, mosques, or any other religious chapels, they have proved to be highly receptive towards technologies by keeping their means highly engaged through these mediums.

There has been innumerable technologies and tactics in the present as well in the past that has helped these religious institutes to bloom. But the one that has worked as the elixir in providing popularity to religion has been texting, which is highly utilized by various religious institutions. There are various usages to text message marketing, such as, sending promotional messages, information regarding next service time, etc. Since the frequency of messages being read is considerably higher than that of any other medium it works like magic for transferring news and information, to not hundreds, but thousands of people in the shortest span of time.

Let’s take a quick peek at ways on how the text message marketing can help faith-based institutions.

Make communication easier between worshipper and their house of worships.

Even though the world claims to go completely scientific yet the number of atheists are extremely low. But for religious organizations, it becomes difficult to manage all the tasks especially when the resources are limited. SMS/texting is the most cost effective way of marketing and promoting faith based services. Another strong communication is mass announcements when the worshippers call. When you can record a long 60 minute greeting and playback when someone calls without any interference from a human being is a key element to getting the word out for worship houses.

Strengthen up the relation between God and pupils

Chat with the pupils and solve out the queries as well provide them with attractive promotions to invite them for joining the prayers, meetings and social gatherings which helps them give a new refreshing start to their souls and provide satisfy the hunger of their spirit.

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Eagle Messaging platform offers such services, it gives you a platform for texting, recording 60 minute greeting and playback for callers, and chat all on the same platform. The application is simple, ready-to go, convenient, and powerful to use for mass communication. Simply visit our site to register. We offers our clients timely messaging, improved communication, low–cost messaging, emergency managements and participants’ success by ensuring that there is enough response channel and up to date information.

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Steps to build strong and loyal customer base!

Increase Your Customer Base using Mobile Messaging Platform

Turning every single prospect into a loyal customer is like a dream come true for majority of companies irrespective of its size, whether the company is a start-up or a fortune 500. But the dream can become a reality if honest efforts are put into it. But the most important property that the companies need to possess is how they can entice their customers so that they always choose them over their competitors.

The famous proverb of “Customers are always right” holds all truth in itself. And with the face of technology changing at every waking moment, has provided users with innumerable options. So if one company is not prompt at answering their queries then undoubtedly people will move to another, which is a major loss for the first company but is a profit for the other. However, if you don’t want your loss to be your competitor’s profit then the first step is to be prompt with customers queries, this will help you in not only gaining the trust of your current customers but also to gain the attention of others as well.

With the cut-throat competition in the world, we are going to explain on how to manage workflow, maintain efficiency and be trusted by all your customers.

Putting Your Customers First

Whether it be a small or a large firm your customers should always get the utmost priority so that they never feel neglected or unwanted. The most common medium of communication between customers and companies is SMS/Text, chat or a call. Whenever customers call, especially during business hours, they are either welcomed by a busy tone or fail to connect. In such cases, it irks the customer to such an extent that they hang up the call. To avoid such unpleasantries select mobile messaging companies came up with a new idea of a voice greeting or mass announcement. As the name suggests it is an option to record and upload messages so when customers call a number they can listen to information that is catered to them. This gives callers a personal touch, and it avoids all the frustration that the customers will experience if they called the number and be on hold for a long period of time. Which brings us to the next step of…

Empowering Customers to reach out to you Anytime, Anywhere, with Any Device

If you give the customer the option of reaching out to you anytime, they will feel that you have put them on the top of your priority list. By giving utmost priority to your customers it will bring bliss to them and will make the company profitable. In order to solve this issue, mobile messaging companies came up with a solution of chatting. Present era loves chatting and If they can use the same tool for the business, it brings a whole new level of confidence and engagement which was not there previously. The added benefit that mobile messaging platform provides is the comfort of being able to access chats anytime, anywhere and from any device. Apart from these features, you can also receive the messages in your email if you are not online any longer, and can easily reply to that email.

By having access to tools such as these, companies can build a stronger bond with their customers and acquire new ones and expand their customer base.

Eagle Messaging platform gives you a chance to texts or audio on the same platform. The application is simple, ready-to go, convenient, and powerful to use for mass and personal communication. Simply visit our site to register. We offers our clients timely messaging, improved communication, low–cost messaging, emergency managements and participants’ success by ensuring that there is enough response channel and up to date information.

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Eagle messaging for Retail: Stores

SMS Marketing for Retail Businesses

Economics is the foundation for business’s prosperity and its most famous law of supply and demand is what drives the economic state of all firms. Supply can’t exist without demand and same is vice versa. To stay ahead of the cut-throat competition it is important to take care of the customer’s demands and interests. So, how exactly can we keep our customers engaged while taking care of their needs? There are various answers that can emerge as a potential solution, such as; Telemarketing, Email and Text Marketing.
Customers create a demand that increases the supply, but if they are neglected it can easily lead to no demand and no supply. So how exactly can you ensure that there’s a demand for the supply? Text marketing.

How Text Marketing Works at Eagle Messaging
No Spamming

We understand that no one likes spam. Text marketing is a new approach, where you communicate with your customers in place of irritating them unnecessarily with messages when they are the least bit interested. Instead, you can send messages to only those customers who have signed up with you. This way, your messages will be a welcome sight for them in place of becoming an unopened text in the inbox of the receiver.

Welcome Greeting Messages

When a customer calls they will no longer hear boring caller tunes, but instead will be greeted with a self-recorded message that fits their need, making the customer feel welcome. These small steps add a personal touch to the call making the caller feel that they have a relationship with the company.

The Auto Reply

Once a customer has joined your list they will get an automated text containing a detailed description of their subscription This auto-reply can also be self-designed to add a personal feel to these messages.

The Offers

With time, suppose you acquired 500 subscribers. That’s great, Right? But What’s Next? You should remember that these subscribers joined you because they expect exclusive deals from you. So don’t let them down. Running a retail store you can provide them with coupon codes, vouchers, discounts and much more. These will not only boost your business but will help in acquiring more subscribers.

How Text Marketing Helps Businesses Grow?

Let us understand three universal truths that can be denied by none.

  1. We all love shopping.
  2. Saving while shopping makes all customers happy.
  3. Almost 97% of people will open their text.

Hence it shouldn’t come as a surprise if your business booms after using the services of text marketing. All our previous and current clients owning retail stores have observed the following things after joining with us:

  • Increased foot traffic
  • Strong relationships with customers
  • Increased offer redemption
  • Better brand awareness

All these benefits have one thing in common and that is the increase in revenue.

What Makes Text Marketing The Ideal Marketing Tool?

Texts can be sent to anyone and on an average, more than 90% texts are read within five minutes of receiving them. Compared to laptops and computers more than 97% people keep their phones within hands reach. In addition, if a person subscribes they want to receive offers from you and text messaging is the most cost-effective medium.

These advantages are only scratch the surface as we offer many added benefits to our partners.

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