The History of Communication in Business

The History of Communication in Business

Communication can be seen as the process whereby information is shared between two parties. It can be in the form of sound, gesture or visual form such as pictures or prints.  In days of yore, people tell stories, instructions, or histories using illustrations which are often drawn on the walls of caves.  Later, it graduated with the use of written communication whereby alphabets are used as the basis of written language.

Going down the memory lane to the times when communication is slow and can take days or even months and years. Then there were no means of direct business communication with anyone as people had to communicate with a phone call. You can wait on hold for hours and may eventually get in touch with another person who also may put you on hold for some minutes or may even mistakenly end the call.

During the industrial age, business communication is carried out in one direction whereby messages from the executive leaders will pass through the management layers and finally to the workers who are required to comply. Sometimes, the management does not need to carry the message directly, stenographers or secretaries type the message with a typewriter, and the employees are expected to read them on the bulletin board. However, these days things are different as communication is vital to the success of every business.

Business Communication Today

Today, the booming of technology has given organizations a lot of choices depending on their structural complexity, spread, and size. Multi-media programming is now disseminated to workers for announcements and higher-grade training in the form of the videotape at first and DVD afterward. Closed-circuit television made it possible for virtual conferencing all over the globe. The use of newsletters and bulletin has been replacing with company intranets and the major advancement made in communication is the use of electric postings of individual messages.

People can send emails to one another anytime and anywhere enabling a fast communication.  However, the use of emails has become so rampant that it is difficult to get ideas across since people usually ignore or filter out messages thus reducing access to their attention. Sometimes vital information is missed because the messages can be so many that they look like junk mail or spam.

Importance of Communication in Business today

Today, communication is vital to business and social life, and business with ineffective communication will find it challenging to develop. The role of communication plays in a business growth and development cannot be accessible on pages. Below are reasons why communication is important in business.

  • It facilitates the development of managerial efficiency
  • For achievement of targets
  • Serves as a link between Central and branch offices
  • In the preparation and execution of plans
  • Promotes mutual understanding and Cooperation
  • In publicizing good and services
  • Information exchange
  • Elimination of rumors
  • Raising the morale of employees\
  • Making decision

The New form of Business Communication

Every day, we communicate with our families and friends, be it by phone, text or social media. The advancement in technology has led to the creation of communication tools, which are at our fingertips; they are also accessible to us by smartphones.

A new form of communication with customers in which many organizations are not aware of is the use of Text, SMS, Chat, and Voice. Many businesses are still naïve of the power of communicating with these tools and need to take advantage of these services.

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