SMS Writing Tips You Should Be Following

SMS Writing Tips for Business SMS Text Marketing

SMS messaging is one of the most convenient ways to communicate with potential and loyal customers.

Customers don’t mind receiving messages from businesses but their messages shouldn’t be bombarded by your business all the time. There is proper writing etiquette you should be following.

Include your company name.

When sending the initial text message, you should let customers know who is texting them since the number would be unfamiliar to them.

Personalize the message.

You should make your customers feel important by including their name in the text message and exclusive offers to them as well.

Provide value.

When you send a message to your customers make sure you are providing value for them. If there is no value for your customer you shouldn’t be sending them a message.

Keep messages simple.

Along with including your company’s name and sending a personalized message. Give clear instructions to your customers when you send them the message so they know what the next step is.

URL shortener.

Use a URL shortener to make URLs more visually appealing in SMS messages.

Have a clear Call-to-Action.

Include a CTA in your messages so your customer knows what they should be doing next. Whether they should fill out a form, respond back to your message or for directions.

Follow some of these key writing tips when sending SMS messages to your customers. It will lead to a much easier communication flow for you as well as for your customers.

Texting allows you to communicate with your customers anywhere at anytime.  You are able to be in constant communication with customers when they are home, work or even traveling.

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