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Owning and operating a small business can be a very strenuous process, and sometimes marketing is a lower priority. Proper marketing is vital to growing your business and connecting with current customers and reaching out to potential customers. As a small business owner, there are many operational challenges you face, but improving marketing is a step in the right direction to grow your company. Using technology for marketing purposes can promote your business or organization and reach customers quickly.


Get creative with your marketing campaigns. Understand the demographics of the placement of your business. What goes on in that town? What is a popular trend right now? How can you get the community interested in your business? Person to person marketing is great, but what about reaching out those not in your direct area? The use of technology can help your business connect to customers in different areas or potential customers near you. Draw attention to your products or services by using different marketing methods and taking advantage of technology trends.

Social Media

Social media provides a great platform to help raise awareness of your business. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are free to sign up and start posting. Customers are drawn to social media content that contain a graphic and very few words. Keep your wording short and simple while getting your point across. Your graphics should be appealing and eye catching. If your business does not already have a big following, use hashtags relevant to your product or service to draw others in. Using a popular hashtag puts your tweet or post with other relevant posts from all over the world. This will allow others to learn about your business by clicking on the hashtags and your post pops up. If you have a website, link your website on your main pages.

Website Design

If you plan to create a website, keep the design simple and cohesive. Customers do not respond well to websites that are hard to read and navigate or are challenging to access on anything other than a desktop or laptop computer. Many people use their smart phones to navigate on the go. If your website is not compatible with devices other than a computer, customers will move on to a different business.  A good website has a simple layout with easy to use navigation. Text is clear and legible. Color scheme is laid out nicely and not contrasting. Use graphics on pages as well to create a nice aesthetic.

SMS/Text Messaging

SMS/Text messaging is a newer phenomenon that businesses should learn to love. Through SMS texting services, you can communicate directly to customers cell phones via the text function. SMS/text platform is easy to set up and use. Send messages to customer’s cell phones with savings, links, flash sales, announcements, and other information. It is important to keep these texts under 160 characters. Customers want short bursts of information that they can quickly read. SMS/text messaging companies like Eagle Messaging can also help provide analytics and reports that give you insight to managing campaigns and the customer experience. Put your marketing campaign in the hands of current and potential customers without leaving your desk!

Creating a brand image for your small business is important, and communicating with your customers and acquiring new ones should be focused on as a top priority to help grow your business. Are you interested in SMS messaging for your business? Join Eagle Messaging today for a free 30-day trial or contact [email protected] with any further questions.

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