SMS 101: Uses for Businesses – 2019 Updated


What is SMS?
SMS stands for “Short Message Service” and allows you to send a message up to 160 characters to another device. SMS enabled services for businesses, allow direct communication with your target audience and customers.

Uses for SMS:
Below are some common examples of SMS uses but get creative with your business!
Implementing SMS into your business allow innovative, clever and creative ways to reach out to your target audience and grow your business.

Marketing & Promotions
SMS marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing techniques for businesses. A business can reach their customers at the click of a button. Design a creative marketing campaign to grab the attention of your target audience to create engagement and communication!
Don’t forget to track your marketing campaign’s performance to adjust engagement with your audience!

Appointment & Event Reminders
SMS messages are a professional way to remind customers about critical times, events, and appointments to avoid no-shows and a loss in revenue.
Include: exact time, date, location, company’s name & phone number!

Notifications & Alerts
Notifications and alerts are a great use of SMS to alert customers of updates and issues that may need immediate attention or action! Use SMS to promptly notify customers of deliveries, delays, cancellations and more.

SMS confirmations are used to inform and remind customers of booking confirmations such as hotels, flights, car rentals, appointments and more. Always remember to include a thank-you message at the end of your confirmations!

Internal Communications
SMS can also be used for direct communication Internally within your business. Send alerts about meetings, emergency alerts, changes, festive messages etc. Know the tone of your company and keep messages short and concise.

101 SMS uses for Businesses of 2019

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