Have you ever thought how much easier it would be to have an SMS/text platform, which can also provide audio message to your clients on the same platform? This would end up saving several communication breakdowns especially in cases whereby information is misunderstood or not well read. After a few months of researching, enquiring, updating, and testing, finally, we are pleased to announce to our clients that you can now send an audio and text or SMS to colleagues, friends, and family with much ease. Having done a thorough research into the market. is here to make your life easier and your communication easy to relay.

Gone are the days that we had to wait on a payphone booth to make a call and when the opportunity comes, you can only make a limited number of calls, and not even send a text message.

While most applications provides audio messaging services or video call, Eagle Messaging gives you a chance to send simultaneous texts and audio on the same platform to your clients. The application is one of a kind and you cannot afford to miss it. The startup process is quite easy and pocket friendly too.

We have all been in a situation whereby you are trying to make specific enquiries into a company and there is no one to attend to you. Similarly, you cannot make physical visits since you are miles away. Anyone who has ever been in this situation knows how frustrating this can be. To this effect, eagle-messaging application may come in handy to organizations, schools, commercial facilities and institutions that are sometimes overwhelmed with customers thus, attending to them becomes more convenient and time saving. Respondents may get instant texts and audio announcements on their enquiries within seconds from all geographical positions. The application is simple, ready-to go, convenient, and powerful to use for mass and personal communication.

It is simple: the first step is to visit our site to register for an account. Once registered, you will be provided with a free account that is private and confidential and that only you can have access to. There will be a telephone number associated with the account that will be used to identify oneself with. Our clients will then be provided with audio announcements whereby, their customers can play and listen to the message in regard to what you need or what they need.

For now, the application and registration is free on our website until October. We offer our clients a free chance to test, approve, and make reviews on the website. Well, the application will be worth every penny and one can announce pretty much any customized message to the clients and prompt it for a voice reply.

To offer wider coverage and user experience, will provide wireless voice setups. Our technology is not limited to any place, and as stated earlier, both public and private facilities can access it, including individuals. Besides, security is of more concern to our clients and it is for this reason that we recommend our customers not to share their private login details with strangers. offers our clients timely messaging, improved communication, low–cost messaging, emergency managements and participants’ success by ensuring that there is enough response channel and up to date information.

Feel free to contact our experts in case of enquiries.

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