No one has any control over nature. When nature strikes it leaves no one and nothing unharmed. Severe weathers such as hail, windstorms, hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters always strike when they are least expected. Even though these natural disasters can never be stopped completely, we can help control by being prepared. We can announce to all people so they are aware of what is coming and be prepared for it. These are the crucial times when health aids and health specialists are in most demand. But it’s not only health specialists that are important in the time of need but all people who can lend a helping hand.

Natural calamities bring not only damage to human life but losses to dwellings, businesses and the economy of the given town or state. To provide help in such dire situations it’s important that not only you reaching your pupil, but also people to reach out to you. One of the easiest ways of communicating with people before these natural disasters hit us is through texting, SMS, Chat and mass announcements to callers. If you run an NGO or any form of help and support group, we can show you how you can increase the effectiveness of the support being provided using messaging services.

Texting, SMS, (Short Messaging Services), chat and bulk announcements are the best way to spreading awareness and information that the probability of any severe weather occurrence is in accordance and can strike at any time in future so that people can be well aware in advance and take all precautions in due time.

During these crucial times people get terrified and extremely anxious, a human intervention can make all the difference. To know that there is someone on the other end who is with you and trying to help you in any way they can. Chat operators can be life saviors and build their confidence that everything will soon be back to normal.

And even when everything is gets back to normal without any danger in sight, it’s important to make people about these calamities. Send out messages to the people who have trusted you with their security and safety providing them with tips and information on how to keep themselves safe during those times.

Eagle texting was created with those ideas in mind. Eagle Messaging provides you with a unique number for dissemination of your information that you can spread among your staff and your clients where people can contact you at any time from anywhere and listen to your announcement and guidance.

With Eagle Messaging platform you can upload a greeting upto 60 minutes or record right on our system and play it when people call your unique designated number. You can record or upload your greeting and all the relevant information. You can do this as many times as you need and change your greetings and information hourly, daily, monthly or yearly. With the mass announcement you can also send out text to all people who already signed up with you to keep them upto date with crucial information.

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