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Posted on October 12, 2017 at 11:01 am

Economics is the foundation for business’s prosperity and its most famous law of supply and demand is what drives the economic state of all firms. Supply can’t exist without demand and same is vice versa. To stay ahead of the cut-throat competition it is important to take care of the customer’s demands and interests. So, how exactly can we keep our customers engaged while taking care of their needs? There are various answers that can emerge as a potential solution, such as; Telemarketing, Email and Text Marketing.
Customers create a demand that increases the supply, but if they are neglected it can easily lead to no demand and no supply. So how exactly can you ensure that there’s a demand for the supply? Text marketing.

How Text Marketing Works at Eagle Messaging
No Spamming

We understand that no one likes spam. Text marketing is a new approach, where you communicate with your customers in place of irritating them unnecessarily with messages when they are the least bit interested. Instead, you can send messages to only those customers who have signed up with you. This way, your messages will be a welcome sight for them in place of becoming an unopened text in the inbox of the receiver.

Welcome Greeting Messages

When a customer calls they will no longer hear boring caller tunes, but instead will be greeted with a self-recorded message that fits their need, making the customer feel welcome. These small steps add a personal touch to the call making the caller feel that they have a relationship with the company.

The Auto Reply

Once a customer has joined your list they will get an automated text containing a detailed description of their subscription This auto-reply can also be self-designed to add a personal feel to these messages.

The Offers

With time, suppose you acquired 500 subscribers. That’s great, Right? But What’s Next? You should remember that these subscribers joined you because they expect exclusive deals from you. So don’t let them down. Running a retail store you can provide them with coupon codes, vouchers, discounts and much more. These will not only boost your business but will help in acquiring more subscribers.

How Text Marketing Helps Businesses Grow?

Let us understand three universal truths that can be denied by none.

  1. We all love shopping.
  2. Saving while shopping makes all customers happy.
  3. Almost 97% of people will open their text.

Hence it shouldn’t come as a surprise if your business booms after using the services of text marketing. All our previous and current clients owning retail stores have observed the following things after joining with us:

  • Increased foot traffic
  • Strong relationships with customers
  • Increased offer redemption
  • Better brand awareness

All these benefits have one thing in common and that is the increase in revenue.

What Makes Text Marketing The Ideal Marketing Tool?

Texts can be sent to anyone and on an average, more than 90% texts are read within five minutes of receiving them. Compared to laptops and computers more than 97% people keep their phones within hands reach. In addition, if a person subscribes they want to receive offers from you and text messaging is the most cost-effective medium.

These advantages are only scratch the surface as we offer many added benefits to our partners.

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