Technology is constantly improving and changing the world. Each year dozens of new technologies and products are invented and implemented that change the way we live and communicate on daily basis. Those technologically advanced developments are not just evolutionizing but revolutionizing and drastically changing the society we live in. Religions prove no exception as it has grown to adapting with these changes.

Religious institutes understand the importance and impact that technology has on society. New technology often inspires entirely new processes that would not be possible without technology. Religious institutions have been using various technological tools to their advantage. These faith-based institutions have emerged as the ideal example by creating a perfect blend of tradition mixed in the essence of innovation. They understand that new technology changes the entire system, different industries, or even the government. Technology has developed a whole new platforms, cultural and/or society shifts. Whether it be churches, temples, mosques, or any other religious chapels, they have proved to be highly receptive towards technologies by keeping their means highly engaged through these mediums.

There has been innumerable technologies and tactics in the present as well in the past that has helped these religious institutes to bloom. But the one that has worked as the elixir in providing popularity to religion has been texting, which is highly utilized by various religious institutions. There are various usages to text message marketing, such as, sending promotional messages, information regarding next service time, etc. Since the frequency of messages being read is considerably higher than that of any other medium it works like magic for transferring news and information, to not hundreds, but thousands of people in the shortest span of time.

Let’s take a quick peek at ways on how the text message marketing can help faith-based institutions.

Make communication easier between worshipper and their house of worships.

Even though the world claims to go completely scientific yet the number of atheists are extremely low. But for religious organizations, it becomes difficult to manage all the tasks especially when the resources are limited. SMS/texting is the most cost effective way of marketing and promoting faith based services. Another strong communication is mass announcements when the worshippers call. When you can record a long 60 minute greeting and playback when someone calls without any interference from a human being is a key element to getting the word out for worship houses.

Strengthen up the relation between God and pupils

Chat with the pupils and solve out the queries as well provide them with attractive promotions to invite them for joining the prayers, meetings and social gatherings which helps them give a new refreshing start to their souls and provide satisfy the hunger of their spirit.

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