Why SMS Messaging?

by Eagle Admin

Posted on December 13, 2017 at 10:49 am

SMS messaging is used by billions of people. Texts are sent every day between friends, family and now even with businesses.  SMS is the most widely used platform around the world today. So why would you not want your business to communicate with customers through SMS?

SMS messaging allows you to customize messages based on your campaigns and they may be sent on a mass scale. It helps prove to your customers that you understand their communication preferences. Texting gets your overall message out there much faster, easier and more efficiently.

SMS is affordable.

SMS messages are very affordable. With Eagle Messaging you will only have to pay a monthly flat base price of $10. You can send and receive an unlimited amount of text messages you want.

Easy to track results.

It is very easy to track your results with SMS messaging. You can track whether or not messages were sent or received. Eagle Messaging’s platform allows you to view hourly, daily, and monthly DNIS reports to give you insight to your marketing campaigns.

Generates results.

SMS messaging is quick and easy way to communicate with customers. Everyone texts today so your business should be texting with customers as well. On average text messages are opened within 3 minutes of it being received. There is no better way to receive messages from customers than with SMS.

Good for customer service.

There is no better form of customer service than with SMS messaging. You can help customers in a form that is easy for them to use and it is not inconvenient for them. They will not have to wait on hold to speak with a representative as they will get responses immediately with SMS messaging.

SMS messaging is great for every business at any size. It is a great way for you to communicate with customers on a platform they prefer. With a great open and response rate SMS messages are the solution for you to get your message read by customers.

If you’re interested in SMS messaging for your business send us an email to [email protected]. Want to try out our platform? Join us for a FREE 15-day trial!

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