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FREERelay OR SMS Relay

Business sms platform SMS Relay service
Deaf/HoH customers can simply use this dedicated number to receive and send text messages. Now you have the option to have additional number for use in marketing or for your business.EagleMessaging allows its users to receive and relay SMS messages to their e-mail inbox! We at Eagle not only provide you a dedicated number to play your voice announcement up to one hour but also allow your callers to send you SMS to the same number. When your users send sms to your number, Eagle will provide you a SMS-Chat interface to interact with your users directly. Or at your option you can select to receive text messages to your email account, by selecting the option in your setting page and reply back. When you replay back from your e-mail, your users receive a text message on their mobile phones. You can publish phone number/s on your websites or marketing materials. When customer/s sends SMS/Text it will appear in your inbox, you can simply reply to the email and it shall be delivered as a SMS/Text to your customers mobile phone. Open your free account today at Eaglemessaging.com
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