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Enterprise Messaging Platform Service

Eagle messaging is a unique software that combines voice and SMS on the same platform. Unlike other products on the market that only provide SMS, our dual action software is a great for marketing campaigns and multichannel marketing. Differentiate your campaigns with different numbers under one account, compare the numbers to measure the success and failure of your campaigns.

Eagle provides our service for one flat fee for unlimited use for each number, there are no hidden costs. Your monthly payment will stay the same no matter how many minutes you generate per number. You will know exactly what it costs you per month every month, so you always know how to budget.

It is budget-friendly service with no large upfront cost for the numbers. You can start with one number and add numbers as you need for your different campaigns. It is an affordable, efficient and cost effective way of marketing your product or your service. Even though our service has been built ground up for religious organizations and conference call playbacks for MLM companies, this product can be used by any small or large organization from educational institutions to a large enterprise companies to send out announcements.

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Enterprise Level Messaging Solutions

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